Hi, I'm Alexis Hope. I am a designer and researcher based at the MIT Media Lab and MIT Center for Civic Media. I also study Industrial & Furniture Design at Massachusetts College of Art & Design and the North Bennet Street School

What I’m up to lately:

TEN FWD is the home of my creative practice. I focus on creating playful, experimental objects and experiences with a combination of design research, digital tools, and hand fabrication. TEN FWD's flagship project is FOLD, an open publishing platform that helps people and organizations tell complex stories in a visually striking way. As part of TEN FWD, I also work with Facebook's Connectivity Lab to prototype novel experiences that encourage face-to-face interaction and connection.

My earlier work focused on technology for global health. Prior to joining MIT, I led a project to develop a portable, low-cost ultrasound machine with midwives and radiologists in Kenya, Uganda, and Seattle. I was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow from 2012 - 2015, focusing on bringing human-centered and participatory research methods to technology design. As part of my commitment to participatory design, I help organize unique hackathons and civic technology workshops around the world.

In my free time, I make musictake pictures, tinker with electronics, and watch too much Star Trek. 

P.S. I welcome opportunities to provide mentorship and am always happy to help people—particularly women and people of color—think through issues at the intersection of personal and career development. Feel free to get in touch with me if you think I can be helpful!



MIT Media Lab - Media Arts & Sciences, M.S. / PhD (in progress)

Massachusetts College of Art & Design - Industrial & Furniture Design

Northwestern University - Technology and Social Behavior (2011)

University of Washington - HCI; Human-Centered Design, B.S. / M.S



Cinthia Abundes & Geraldine Porras (National Autonomous University of Mexico) — Industrial Design Thesis: Redesigning the gynecological experience from a feminist perspective.


Selected Press



TechX Summit: Introduction to Industrial Design

Media Lab S64: Technology and Social Change

Media Lab 600: Future of News and Participatory Media

Human-Centered Design & Engineering 318: User Experience Design

Computer Science & Engineering 440: Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Centered Design & Engineering 231: Technical Communication


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