Hi, I'm Alexis Hope. I am a designer and researcher based at the MIT Media Lab and MIT Center for Civic Media. I also study Industrial & Furniture Design at Massachusetts College of Art & Design and the North Bennet Street School. In my free time, I play in a band called Calico Beach Party, tinker with electronics, and watch too much Star Trek. 

What I’m up to lately:

TEN FWD is the home of my creative practice. I focus on creating playful, experimental objects and experiences with a combination of design research, digital tools, and hand fabrication. TEN FWD's flagship project is FOLD, an open publishing platform that helps people and organizations tell complex stories in a visually striking way. As part of TEN FWD, I also work with Facebook's Connectivity Lab to prototype novel experiences that encourage face-to-face interaction and connection.

My earlier work focused on technology for global health. Prior to joining MIT, I led a project to develop a portable, low-cost ultrasound machine with midwives and radiologists in Kenya, Uganda, and Seattle. I was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow from 2012 - 2015, focusing on bringing human-centered and participatory research methods to technology design. As part of my commitment to participatory design, I help organize unique hackathons and civic technology workshops around the world.

P.S. I welcome opportunities to share what I’ve learned on my journey and am always happy to help people β€” particularly women and people of color β€” think through issues at the intersection of personal and career development. Feel free to get in touch with me if you think I can be helpful!



MIT Media Lab - Media Arts & Sciences, M.S. / PhD (in progress)

Massachusetts College of Art & Design - Industrial & Furniture Design

Northwestern University - Technology and Social Behavior (2011)

University of Washington - HCI; Human-Centered Design, B.S. / M.S



Cinthia Abundes & Geraldine Porras (National University of Mexico) β€” Industrial Design Thesis: Redesigning the gynecological experience from a feminist perspective.


Selected Press



TechX Summit: Introduction to Industrial Design

Media Lab S64: Technology and Social Change

Media Lab 600: Future of News and Participatory Media

Human-Centered Design & Engineering 318: User Experience Design

Computer Science & Engineering 440: Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Centered Design & Engineering 231: Technical Communication


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