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My Deep Sea, My Backyard: Participatory Ocean Exploration

In our lab at the MIT Center for Civic Media, we've done a lot of work around broadening participation in technology design. Lately, in collaboration with the MIT Open Ocean Initiative, we have also been thinking about how to broaden participation in discovery. Traditionally, ocean exploration is done by those with formal degrees and access to costly equipment, but in order to fully explore and understand our vast oceans, we need to make it possible for new communities to join this effort.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2018

This July, one of my biggest nerd dreams came true — I went to Comic-Con! I’m a huge comics fan, so when Dent invited me to be on a panel called “Creating the Future at the MIT Media Lab: How Comics Inspire Students’ Work (and Vice Versa)”, I could not have been more excited.

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