Midwife's Ultrasound

Ultrasound, a common imaging modality used for maternal care in the developed world, is a safe, effective, and non-invasive means of identifying pregnancy complications that contribute to maternal mortality. However, the high cost of ultrasound devices and the scarcity of ultrasound training are two major barriers to adoption in resource-constrained environments.

From 2010 - 2012 I worked on a project to build a portable, low-cost ultrasound system for midwives and mothers in low-resource regions. My role in this group was leading design research and fieldwork in Uganda and Kenya, interface design, grant writing, data analysis, and project management. Our system, composed of off-the-shelf hardware and a custom user interface, included an integrated help and tutorial system to help midwives in remote areas answer diagnostic questions when a radiologist may not be reachable.

Older Adults, Social Media, and Material Communication

Online technologies are promising for helping older adults maintain social connectedness, particularly with younger people, yet many older adults resist or participate minimally in the mainstream technologies used by younger members of their social network. With Professor Anne Marie Piper at Northwestern University, I conducted interviews and design research with older adults in the greater Chicago area. In our interviews, we focused on material social communication practices, including letter writing, and sharing paper-based materials with one's social network. In addition to the interviews, we deployed Little Printers in several homes to explore how bridging technologies might improve intergenerational communication.